Barack Obama Presidential Library

2014 Chicago Prize Competition

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iscrizione e consegna entro il 10 gennaio 2015

Il Chicago Architectural Club lancia l'edizione 2014 del Chicago Prize Competition e invita a presentare proposte  per la Biblioteca presidenziale Barack Obama al fine di avviare un dibattito e ridefinire questa particolare tipologia edilizia.

The recent media coverage surrounding the announced Barack Obama Presidential Library, drawing bids from contenders New York, Honolulu, and Chicago, once again initiates the desire for speculations and projections.

As the fourteenth of its kind, this civic institution will not only function to house a collection of artifacts and documents relating to the president's life but will also provide an educational infrastructure and framework for outreach and community programs.

Although the Presidential Library, as a museum-library hybrid, is perceived as a great contribution to the public it serves, criticism has been raised regarding its true civic function. Both the Chicago architectural community and public at large recall similar controversies that still remain unresolved for the Harold Washington Library.

For this year's Chicago Prize we are calling for speculative proposals for the Barack Obama Presidential Library to initiate a debate in order to rethink and redefine this particular building typology. Within the context of the city, is this institution a stand-alone monument or rather a forum of social-urban interaction and an active extension of a President's legacy? Would it be considered as one of the civic components of Chicago's public library system or does it remain autonomous? At its best this is a cultural institution providing a place for the exchange of knowledge, the creation of dialogue and debate, and last but not least an urban niche to read and write.

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