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reTHINK!NG architecture competitions

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reTH!NKING architecture competitions ha lanciato un nuova sfida per ripensare e far rinascere le fortezze militari Redsand nel Mar Maunsell, Inghilterra. Lontane dall'inquinamento luminoso in mezzo al mare sono adatte per lo studio delle stelle. Un quartiere nell'Oceano autosufficiente. 

reTH!NKING philosophy
The Rethink!NG Team proposes contests far from the pessimism, with high doses of freshness and joy, restless and expansive. Definitively, it aims to stimulate and shake the architects heads who seem to be asleep and restore dignity to the profession. Being optimistic over all. The proposed competitions will be focused on 8 concepts which we think there is much to investigate and propose by architects. We understand that architecture can not be classified, as a single project reflects on various concepts relevant to contemporary culture, but enhance several of these main research topics.

The project should be taken as an opportunity to experiment on space unlimitation, loss of visual references in landscape, the absence of walkable earth as we understand it, fighting claustrophobia and confinement of its inhabitants. An opportunity also to propose alternatives to growth and territorial forms of consumption that have led many countries to the deepest economic crisis.

The reTHINKING team raises the rehabilitation, restoration and revival of Redsand military forts in the Maunsell Sea, England. Since these buildings are away from any town, in the middle of the sea, it seems appropriate implementing a place of study of the stars: the isolation of these fortifications makes the visibility of the night sky perfect. Besides the program, some aspects to be considered will be: accessibility, connections and the opportunity to live there. Can be established daily visits but there should be the option of spending the night there. A neighborhood in the ocean. Independent. Self-sufficient. Think the competition as a laboratory of ideas. A support where questions are raised without fear of regulatory BREACH, unleash a projective TOTAL FREEDOM.

The program to develop will be an Astronomy Center that will have an observatory, a planetarium, an agora, conference room, workshops and provision of accommodation for between 30 and 50 people. For accommodation it is required to have kitchen, dining room and common areas, besides the rooms and bathrooms (individual or collective).

All students and architects or related professions anywhere in the world can participate in the contest. Participation can be individual or in groups, being eight (8) the maximum number of members. Team members can be from all disciplines (artists, philosophers, photographers, etc.), without being necessary, although advisable, the presence of an architect or architecture student. It is allowed that members are from different universities and countries.

Fran Silvestre Navarro (Fran Silvestre architects) Alejandro Ribas Mercau y Ángel Cerezo Cerezo (AAIMM) María González y Juanjo López de la Cruz (SOL89) Rafael González del castillo Sancho (DesigningTheFuture)

A total prize of 5,000 € will be distributed as follows:
First prize 3.000 €
Second prize 1.500 €
Third prize 500 €
• Exhibition in Sevilla • Magazine publications • Blogs/architecture webs publications
+ 10 Honorable Mention

INSCRIPTION Inscription periods will depend on the competition publication and will be divided as follows: Early 30 € + IVA / Regular 60 € + IVA / Advanced 90 € + IVA

- january the 12th 2015 Early registration starts
- february the 8th 2015 Early registration ends
- february the 8th 2015 Regular registration starts
- march the 6th 2015 Regular registrations ends
- march the 6th 2015 Late registration starts
- march the 27th 2015 Late registration and FAQ ends
- march the 30th 2015 Submission deadline april 1st to 15th 2015 Proposal evaluation may the 1st 2015 Winners announcements

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