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registrazione e consegna entro il 31 maggio 2015

Noumena is very pleased to announce the launch of Reshape 15, a competition of computational design and digital fabrication focused, in this edition, on the topic of wearable technology.

Today, disciplines as programming and electronics become highly transversal, blurring old boundaries and merging different fields of knowledge. Fashion has been already highly affected by this radical change. Therefore, clothes, shoes and other accessories can now incorporate elements of hardware and software, generating a peculiar mix between fashion and computation that is incredibly fertile and inspiring.

Data becomes Beauty, Interaction becomes Emotion. As a result, a new esthetic is emerging. Reshape focuses on the definition of this language, proposing with this competition, a new challenge for makers and designers.

Reshape challenge designers to explore the possibles evolutions of wearable technology without any limitation. Nonetheless, all submissions must reflect the mission of Reshape: merging ideas with fabrication processes and market viabilities. Fabrication strategies must be clear and reasonable, demonstrating a real control of the production process.

The total prize is 2700 €, which will be distributed among the first, second and third winner accordingly.

  • 1st prize 1500 €
  • 2nd prize 700 €
  • 3rd prize 500 €

All winners will be included in the online platform of RESHAPE. In the website there will be a direct link to each project with information of each designer. Winners selected by the jury will be invited to take part to specific workshops in several Fab Labs connected to the competition. All winner proposals will be presented in different exhibitions around the world.

Reshape will offer the following conditions for the projects inserted in the e-commerce platform: for each product sold, royalties of 80% from income of sale will be recognized to the designer and makers. (learn more).


15th of January - 31st May 2015: online registration and submission period
15th of January - 30st April 2015: questions and answers available online at 31st of May 2015_ submissions deadline 23:59 (UTC/GMT +1 hour)
1st of June-30th of June 2015: evaluation of projects
6th of July: Announcement of prizes

RESHAPE15 | wearable technology competition is organized by Noumena in partnership with IaaC, Fab Lab Barcelona and Make in Italy foundation and sponsored by Aspiin and Camera di Commercio Frosinone.

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