Architectural Design National Museum of Memory

International Competition

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iscrizioni entro il 3 luglio 2015 | consegna entro il 29 luglio 2015

Concorso internazionale di architettura finalizzato alla selezione del miglior progetto per il museo nazionale della memoria di Bogotà in Columbia.

The principal object of the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION is aimed at selecting the architectural draft proposal so that the NATIONAL CENTER FOR HISTORICAL MEMORY signs with its author the contract for carrying out the architectural design, the technical studies, the architectural and technical coordination and other inherent labors with the scope and stages of reference of the professional services of architectural design.

Consulting Entity: Colombian Society of Architects

The building must be a memorial, which is to say that it must have a commemorative architecture, which gives form to the intention of the contents. Therefore, the monumentality of the Museum has to be different from those conventionally celebrated: here it is about respect, plurality and diversity, of remembrance, criticism and creation: "a daily encounter with the unspeakable" (Barry Bergdoll).

The internal space of the NMM and the external space of theDemocracySquareformacontinuumofexpressionof knowledge, grief, resistance, creativity and resilience with respect to violence demonstrated by all of the Colombian population from all the different regions. In this sense, the space of the Museum is a spatial synthesis of the diverse sites of memory built in the different locations where violations of human rights are commented upon.

As a result of this, the architectural and urban design of the spatial complex of the NMM is set in a modern public space facility in as a reflective remembrance setting, of systematic study and of creative expression about what makes each and every one of us a nation.

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