Mosca cerca progettisti per 2 stazioni «memorabili» della metro

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Strelka KB, società di consulenza, specializzata in concorso di progettazione, annuncia l'apertura di una competizione internazionale, il cui obiettivo è selezionare le migliori idee per due nuove stazioni della metro a Mosca. Per i finalisti è previsto un indennizzo di 4.600 euro, mentre i vincitori saranno coinvolti nella realizzazione dell'intervento.

Strelka KB, a leading Russian operator of architectural and urban planning competitions, announces the open two-phase competition for the development of architectural and design solutions for the new Moscow metro stations "Nizhniye Mnevniki" and "Terekhovo". Russian and foreign architects and designers are invited to participate. Winners will be announced in February 2016.

The Competition will be held in two stages. During the first stage the Jury will choose 10 participants who will proceed to the second stage of the competition. Shortlisted participants will take part in further development of project documentation.

The participants should propose architectural concept and design solutions for the interiors of "Nizhniye Mnevniki" and "Terekhovo" stations. Teams should offer cutting-edge and ambitious design projects. Competitors are expected to submit unique design solutions that would create an iconic and memorable image for each station.

Each of ten participants chosen after First Stage Jury Meeting will get a refund 318 750 rubles (including VAT). The creators of the best Architectural and Design concepts will to be involved to process of development of the architectural part of the project documentation during the further realization of the project.

Moscow Metro ranks 3rd globally in annual ridership and world's second in sheer volume of construction of metro lines. The construction of The Third Interchange Circuit, a new circle line, has started in 2011 as part of Mayor's "Development of the Transport System" programme. The programme aims to relieve the existing lines of significant traffic overload and spread the passenger flows more evenly ensuring that 93% of Muscovites live within a walking distance from a Metro station. "Nizhniye Mnevniki" and "Terekhovo" are both scheduled to open in 2018 as a part of The Third Interchange Circuit.