Un osservatorio per gli appassionati di astronomia nella penisola di Akamas (Cipro)

International student competition

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Neapolis University of Pafos (Cyprus) e LE:NOTRE Institute annunciano un concorso internazionale per studenti e giovani laureati per progettare un osservatorio da cui ammirare le stelle nella penisola di Akamas, sull'isola di Cipro.

Neapolis University of Pafos (Cyprus) and LE:NOTRE Institute announce the international student competition "The Akamas Landscape Between Science and Myth".

This International Student Competition is part of the 5th Landscape Forum of the LE:NOTRE Institute. This event will be hosted by the Neapolis University in Paphos, Cyprus from 16th - 20th of March 2016. The forum will focus on the north-western region of Cyprus including the peri-urban landscape of Paphos and the natural areas of the Akamas peninsula. As referred to in the European Landscape Convention, the forum will reflect on landscapes that might be considered outstanding as well as everyday or degraded landscapes. Both exist in the project area creating a unique set of challenges and potentials.

The aim of the competition

The LE:NOTRE International Student Competition aims to support integrated and holistic landscape approaches through multidisciplinary student teams elaborating planning and design proposals at various scales. This competition is implemented in close relation to the ‘Akamas Action Plan for Sustainable Development of the Pensinsula' developed by the Akamas Peninsula Project (A. Theodosiou).

Tourism is Cyprus has typically developed along its coasts with the consequence of concentrating both environmental impact and economic development in these areas. In contrast, the rural hinterland changed in a much different way, facing an ongoing transition of rural lifestyles towards a still uncertain modernity. The objective of this competition is to conceive a landscape narrative from the sea to the rural hinterland. The proposed transect starts at the coastline following the Avakas Gorge to the Pano and Kato Arodes Villages, situated at 500 m above sea level. Participating students will explore the natural, cultural and socio-economic layers of this landscape, as well as its spatial and aesthetic values.

A concept should be developed around the overall themes of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage. However, wider interpretations of how a sustainable development of this landscape can be enhanced are welcome. The detailing task is to design a park for amateur astronomy and star-watching, for which the area west of Kato Arodes village is reportedly very suitable.


The competition is open to students and recent graduates of landscape-related disciplines, in particular landscape architecture/planning, urban/regional planning and architecture as well as related disciplines such as arts, geography, agricultural sciences, dendrology, economics, environmental psychology, forestry, hydrology and water management, IT, archaeology, ecology, social anthropology, sociology or tourism. Levels of study may be bachelor, master or PhD. Recent graduates can participate if they are still in their professional training phase (stage or similar). Employees or relatives of the jury members may not enter the competition.

The LE:NOTRE Institute will award three prizes and select another three submissions for being honourably mentioned. The award winners will get the possibility to present their project at the LE:NOTRE landscape forum to a group of international professionals and local stakeholders. The results will also be documented on the LE:NOTRE Institute website.