La Svezia cerca idee per l'area della futura stazione a Södra Munksjön

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candidature entro il 22 gennaio 2016

Il comune di Jönköping, in collaborazione con l'Associazione svedese degli Architetti, lancia un concorso di idee per la progettazione dell'area della futura stazione a Södra Munksjön, nei pressi dell'omonimo lago.

Jönköping Municipal Authority, in association with the Swedish Association of Architects, intends to arrange an ideas competition for the design of a new station area at Södra Munksjön. The arranger of the competition is Södra Munksjön Utvecklings AB.

The aim of the ideas competition is to visualise ideas, feasible content and a potential design of a new station area south of the lake, Munksjön. At the same time, the intention is to demonstrate how the station area can be incorporated into the planned expansion of the Södra Munksjön area as a whole.

The competition is an ideas competition and the results of the competition will be used in the upcoming process of creating an understanding of what a future station area could look like and the functions it could incorporate.

In summary, the remit includes submitting proposals for the design of the station building and surrounding area, submitting proposals for service provision, retail facilities and cultural elements, submitting proposals for solutions related to logistics and also presenting ideas for the design of the station facility with associated bridge construction, including the location of railway tracks and platforms.

From November 30, 2015 teams are able to send their notification of interest in order to participate in the prequalification stage of the competition. The notification of interest must be submitted electronically via Tendsign (www.tendsign.comlänk till annan webbplats). The complete invitation with relevant annexes can be found at the same place.

2016 01 22 - Submission of a notification of interest.

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