Women's creativity since the Modern Movement

concorso fotografico

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scadenza 1° marzo 2016

MoMoWo ha lanciato un concorso fotografico internazionale per rendere omaggio alle donne progettiste (architetti, ingegneri e designer) attraverso un reportage sulla loro casa progettata per se stesse e la famiglia.

International Photography Competition for a reportage on women designer's own home.

This Competition is an activity which belongs to the European Project MoMoWo - Women's creativity since the Modern Movement, which is a non-profit cultural large scale cooperation project co-funded by the European Programme Creative Europe.

The reportage aims to reflect professional women's lives inside their own houses to highlight the existing mediation between domestic activities and professional work. The reportage focus on the woman designer's own houses creative features and how they reverberate on everyday life. The close contact between design and architecture professionals and photographers should improve the communication and collaboration between these professional fields.

Participation is open to all photographers, regardless their academic education or age.

1. 10 finalist will be selected by the Jury of the Photography Competition.
2. 5 photos will be selected from each one of the 10 finalists‘ work, to be showcased at the MoMoWo Travelling Exhibition and published on its Catalogue. These photos will also be published on MoMoWo website and Facebook.
3. Both jury (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) and audience winners' work will be published entirely (the 10 photos set) on the Travelling Exhibition Catalogue.

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The project and its activities are fully described on the project website: www.momowo.eu