Cannabis Bank

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iscrizioni entro l'8 giugno | consegna entro il 22 giugno 2016

Bee Breeders lancia Cannabis Bank,un concorso che invita a progettare un distributore di marijuana in una località a scelta del concorrente. Una riflessione sul modo in cui l'architettura può influenzare la società.

Bee Breeders announces Cannabis Bank, an architecture ideas competition that seeks to challenge the rationale of criminalising this drug. Participants are tasked with creating designs for a marijuana dispensary in a location of their choosing. Depending on the legal status of marijuana in their chosen country, the function of the Cannabis Bank will vary; dispensing either medical or recreational marijuana. Una riflessione sul modo in cui l'architettura può influenzare la società ed essere veicolo di un particolare punto di vista.

Without any restrictions on location, participants will have the chance to delve into how architecture can be used to influence society, and put across their point of view on this topic. Participants will need to focus on is creating a strong yet versatile identity for their designs, allowing it to be recreated in any country and still be instantly recognisable.

The Cannabis Bank architecture competition will be open for registration between march 9 and june 8. Final submissions will be accepted up until june 22 and the winners of the US $10 000 prize fund will be announced on july 6.


1st prize winner - US $6,000 / 2nd prize winner - US $3,000 / 3rd prize winner - US $1,000.