Rome Concrete Poetry Hall

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iscrizioni entro il 6 luglio | consegna entro il 20 luglio 2016

Gli organizzatori di concorsi di Bee Breeders bandiscono una nuova competizione, invitando i partecipanti a progettare uno spazio espositivo a Roma, dedicato alla poesia e realizzato in calcestruzzo.

The Bee Breeders Rome Concrete Poetry Hall is calling for submissions for an exhibition space dedicated to the poetry that can be created with concrete. As the birthplace of elaborate concrete structures, many of the iconic landmarks in Rome were some of the first in human society to be created with concrete. And they still stand today, telling the history of this incredible city expressed through beautiful buildings crafted in concrete.

The Rome Concrete Poetry Hall architecture competition asks participants to express their own architectural poetry through concrete, and create designs for a building whose function is an exhibition space, constructed primarily of concrete, and with interior spaces that are flexible enough to accommodate various exhibits. By bringing concrete back to the birthplace of modern architecture, we hope to get a glimpse of the future of this versatile material by drawing on inspiration from its past.

Registration for the Rome Concrete Poetry Hall architecture competition is open now until the July 6, with a prize fund of US $10,000.

1st prize winner - US $6,000 / 2nd prize winner - US $3,000 / 3rd prize winner - US $1,000

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