Idee per la Siberia. Ice City, un palazzo di ghiaccio a Tatyshev

international architectural contest of ideas for Siberia

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Ogni anno il team della piattaforma per concorsi di architettura ARCH_TAIGA seleziona un tema per raccogliere le migliori idee per il territorio della Siberia. Quest'anno studenti e giovani professionisti sono invitati a progettare un palazzo di ghiaccio - un parco divertimenti invernale - sull'isola di Tatyshev, per i cittadini di Krasnoyarsk e per il flusso dei turisti delle Olimpiadi invernali del 2019.

ARCH_TAIGA invite architecture students, professional architects and designers to take part in the international architectural contest of ideas for Siberia.

The project "ARCH_TAIGA" was created as a platform for architectural contests for students and young architects. Every year our team finds a challenging task and asks designers from all over the world to find the solution. The aim of the project "ARCH_TAIGA" is to improve the training process and to stimulate exchange of ideas between architects, designers, builders and ordinary people of Siberia and other parts of the world. The project participants have got the opportunity to bring their ideas to other cultures, and it helps to enrich their own knowledge and skills.

The main task of the contestants is to work out the project of an ice palace (winter amusement park), situated on one of the main playgrounds of Tatyshev island, which will become popular among citizens of Krasnoyarsk and also will attract tourist flow during Winter Universiade which will take place in Krasnoyarsk in 2019. The project should correspond to the needs of the target audience, visiting the island: families, young people, pensioners.

Due to climatic characteristics of the region, while developing the project (namely, infrastructure facilities) it is preferable to take into account the possibility of using ice and snow. Winter temperatures are usually below -15 C, and such temperature is altogether 5-6 months of the year. The snow part of the Park can add spice to the proj- ect and attract more people during winter time. The part of the construction, made of snow and ice, can be rebuilt annually, its interiors can be reformed and it will let artists and architects of the city to express themselves, working out new themes in the snow part of the Park. There are similar snow parks in other countries, such as Finland and Thailand.

According to the concept of "ARCH_TAIGA" not only professionals, such as architects, city planners, designers, but also amateurs can take part in the contest. The con- testants can be either individuals or groups of people in - cluding specialists from related fields. There is no registration fee in the contest.

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