People's landscape video contest. Landscape in Action

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consegna entro il 15 maggio 2016

UNISCAPE promuove un concorso internazionale rivolto a studenti - da 18 a 35 anni - di tutta Europa per la produzione di un progetto video incentrato sul tema della relazione tra le persone ed il proprio paesaggio.

L'iniziativa è volta a sensibilizzare i giovani cittadini Europei al tema del Paesaggio. Si dovrà produrre un videoclip di 30 secondi, un testo di accompagnamento in cui si spiegherà la riflessione del tema e una breve presentazione personale dell'autore che illustra, sotto forma di narrazione, il percorso educativo e creativo.

UNISCAPE is the European Network of Universities for the implementation of the Europe- an Landscape Convention. It was created in Florence in 2008 as a result of a joint initiative between a number of universities from accross Europe. The aim of UNISCAPE is to sup- port and reinforce scientific interdisciplinary cooperation on landscape issues, especially in the areas of research and teaching, and on all matters covered by the European Landscape Convention.

Since 2010, UNISCAPE has been organizing a photo contest called "People's Landscapes", which has thus far involved hundreds of European university students, bringing together an iconic archive on landscape, reflecting the values envisaged in the ELC. This year People's Landscapes will be a short video contest, in which participants are encouraged to use dy- namic media as a tool to communicate the evolution of landscapes and the life force within them. This year's contest is entitled "Landscape in Action" and coincides with the Inter- national Conference: "Landscape Values: Places and Praxis", to be held in Galway, Ireland, from 29th June to 2nd July 2016.

The staff of UNISCAPE is pleased to invite you to participate in our new contest: PEOPLE'S LANDSCAPE VIDEO CONTEST "LANDSCAPE IN ACTION". Why a video contest? Be- cause we're looking for an innovative perspective on landscape and its value for young pe- ople, that can portray and communicate the rhythm and pace of our daily lives.

The project we are looking for integrates a short text entitled "About US: Me and My Work" which is a tale mingling in a flash your experience and reflection on the theme proposed by our Contest "LANDSCAPE IN ACTION".

The theme of the contest "Landscape in Action" coincides with the topic of the Interna- tional Conference "Landscape Values: Places and Praxis" (Galway, Ireland) during which the results of the contest will be announced.

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