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iscrizioni entro l'8 luglio | consegna entro il 22 luglio 2016

Arquideas lancia Island of Arts Venice, un concorso di idee internazionale per studenti e giovani architetti, invitandoli ad immaginare uno spazio che possa ospitare differenti attività, collegate all'arte e alla cultura, all'interno della città di Venezia. 

Arquideas launches Island of Arts Venice, a new international competition for architecture students and young architects. Island of Arts (IOA) Venice, consists in imagining a space that can host different activities linked to art and culture, located in a unique city as delicate as Venice.

Due to its privileged location, the goal of the proposed space is to become an international reference for the world of art and culture, where many different kinds of events can be held. Theatrical performances, ephemeral art installations, Carnival celebrations, temporary exhibitions, movie screenings...will all provide the required importance to this new space.

The uses of the Island of Art should be focused on cultural performance and exhibition, capable of hosting artistic works and different kinds of exhibitions. The new space should be able to hold everything from a cultural exhibition or performance, to a Carnival celebration.


Preferably, the location of the Island of Art should be between Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) and the Parco delle Rimembranze (Memorial Park).

1st Prize: 3,750 euros / 2nd Prize: 1,500 euros / 3rd Prize: 625 euros
+ 1 year free subscription to AV Proyectos magazine + 1 year free subscription to WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + Pack of The AAAA Magazine issues + Publication in WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell + Publication in Plataforma Arquitectura + Publication in Arquitectura Viva + Publication in The AAAA Magazine.


  • Early registration (May 2, 2016 to June 10, 2016):
    50 € individual registration, 75 € team registration (from 2 to 4 members)
  • Regular registration (June 11, 2016 to July 8, 2016):
    75 € individual registration, 100 € team registration (from 2 to 4 members)

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