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consegna entro il 28 giugno 2016

La società russa di consulenza per lo sviluppo immobiliare Strelka KB annuncia il lancio di una competizione internazionale per raccogliere idee per il rinnovamento di due strade iconiche di Mosca: Tverskaya Street e 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street.

L'obiettivo è attrarre giovani architetti emergenti per progetti di riqualificazione urbana di territori rientranti in un programma più vasto che prende il nome di "My Street".

Strelka KB announces the launch of an open international competition for Tverskaya streetscape concept design. The design project covers Tverskaya Street (from Pushkinskaya Square to Triumfalnaya Square) and 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street in Moscow. The competition is aimed to attract young and emerging architects for the projects on the renovation of urban territories as a part of "My Street" programme. The winner will be announced on the 7th of July 2016.

The purpose of the Competition is to select 3 (three) best Concept Designs. The Jury members through voting procedure will select the winner and the nalists (second and third places).


The Competition is open for Russian and international architects and landscape architects / designers. The Participants should be registered as legal entities or sole proprietors and have an appropriate legal capacity for running a business and participating in the Competition.


The Winner will receive the Honorarium of 826 000 Russian rubles. The two Awardees will be granted each with the Honorarium of 354 000 Russian rubles.

Giovanna Carnevali, competitions programme director at Strelka KB: «One of the key goals of the competition is to engage the new generation of architects into work on urban projects. As a result of our practice during the current and the previous year on the position of a strategic consultant for the Government of Moscow, we managed to develop the standards for the streetscape improvement and invite leading international architects to carry out projects for iconic streets of the city, henceforth setting the quality standard that we would like to establish as a benchmark for the streetscape improvement in Moscow».

Russian and international landscape designers and architects are invited to take part in the competition. Applications deadline is on 28th June 2016.

Judging panel

The judging panel includes Adrian Geuze, architect, founder of West 8 architecture firm; Tatiana Guk, deputy chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow; Varvara Melnikova, CEO of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, partner at KB Strelka, CEO of Afisha; Alexey Novikov, professor, Dean of Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism at the National Research University Higher School of Economics; Grigory Revzin, architectural critic, partner at KB Strelka; Philip Wren, architect, retail design specialist, managing director at Wren Architecture; Sergei Tchoban, architect, managing partner at SPEECH architectural bureau; Martha Schwartz, architect, principal of Martha Schwartz Partners; Nikolay Shumakov, president of the Union of Moscow Architects.

The jury chairman is Petr Biryukov, deputy mayor of Moscow at the Government of Moscow for Housing, Utilities and Amenities.


About "My Street" project

"My Street" is the largest cityscape improvement project, initiated by the Government of Moscow, aiming to advance the quality of urban environment. The programme implies complex improvement of Moscow streets and side streets, avenues and embankments.

The second stage of the competition opens in May 2016, during which more than 50 urban objects will be transformed. That is how the key streets of the city will be renovated, such as Tverskaya, Taganskaya, Bolshaya Yakimanka, Novy Arbat. New developments will also involve parts of The Boulevard Ring and The Garden Ring. More than 30 architectural firms from Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, China, Denmark, Sweden, USA and France were involved in the projects as a part of the programme.

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