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concorso di architettura internazionale

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Il team spagnolo di reTH!NKING ha lanciato un nuovo concorso di architettura internazionale per progettare un alloggio adattabile a colui che lo abita e flessibile alle nuove esigenze lungo il corso della vita.

Housing was not conceived thinking about changes in family structures, but currently we can see the great deversity: people who live alone, couples without children, couples with one child, group of people who share an apartment, families who take care for an elderly person and so on. How can housing bring in all these changes?

What kind of housing do you propose?

The competition aims to promote imagination and development of proposals without limitations. Therefore, a plot is not established as a space for the development of competition. The location of the plot will be chosen by the participant according to their interests. It may be a space in a natural environment; within a plot in a city with nearby buildings etc. The development of the house is key for this competition.


The development of an adaptable and flexible home to different social structures that can be placed in his home. This can be caused by family changes or the arrival of new people.

Group The grouping of the different homes will be considered.

Rooms Rethinking rooms as inhabitant ́s complex spaces.

Needs The housemust cover the needs of habitability: kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and so forth, etc.

The area of the house will be 100 m2, but it will be appreciated when resolved in a smaller area. Consequently, it will be taken into account the amount of space dedicated to each inhabitant according to the family structure The main thing is the architectural quality of the proposal and its flexibility according to the changing situation of family structures described above. A project that meets all situations in one can be proposed, or otherwise different housing types, one for each case, but with a global and/or common denominator. Therefore, a typology of the dwelling is not required. The housing may be formally developed as the contestant deems appropriate, being able to develop a house in a single floor, double height, fragmented, with stacks, etc.

All students and architects or related professions anywhere in the world can participate in the contest. Participation can be individual or in groups, being eight (8) the maximum number of members. Team members can be from all disciplines (artists, philosophers, photographers, etc.), without being necessary, although advisable, the presence of an architect or architecture student. It is allowed that members are from different universities and countries.

- First prize 3.000 €
- Second prize 1.500 €
- Third prize 500 €
+ 10 Honorable Mention

+ info http://rethinkingcompetitions.com