Réinventer la Seine. Progetti innovativi per 42 siti lungo il fiume tra Paris, Rouen e Le Havre

call for innovative projects

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Le amministrazioni di Parigi, Rouen e Le Havre uniscono le forze e lanciano un concorso di idee rivolto a architetti, urbanisti, paesaggisti, investitori, start-up, artisti e designer per dare nuova vita alla Senna attraverso inaspettati usi del fiume e nuove connessioni con l'acqua.

Context and objectives of the Reinvent the Seine call for proposals

Reinventing news possibilities of living on the water and along the banks of the Seine

The Paris/Rouen/Le Havre Seine Axis is a vital territory for the attractiveness of the metropolitan area and its quality of life. Access to the sea is one of the key conditions to be open to the world and rank among the major cities of the 21st century. From Greater Paris to Le Havre, the Seine traces a line of undeniable wealth, there for all of us to rediscover and reclaim for our common good.

The river's important role in shaping our territory, as demonstrated in the studies carried out by Antoine Grumbach, must be highlighted through large-scale projects along the whole length of the river.

The "Reinventing the Seine" call for proposals creates the framework that is necessary to make this ambition a reality and provide multi-disciplinary teams with the tools they will need.

The "Reinvent the Seine" call for proposals will take place in two main phases: the call for expressions of interest and the final bid. Sites will be made available in two successive rounds.