Death & The City. Un cimitero verticale nella città di Tokyo

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L'iniziativa di ricerca architettonica "arch out load" indice un concorso di architettura per la progettazione di un cimitero verticale nel quartiere di Shinjuku, a Tokyo. L'obiettivo del progetto è quello di stabilire un nuovo contatto tra la vita e la morte all'interno della città. Con l'occasione i progettisti avranno modo non solo di rispondere in modo efficiente al problema dello spazio mancante nel tessuto urbano, ma anche di guardare all'identità culturale che il cimitero proietta all'interno del suo ambiente.

Private developers in Tokyo have used temples as covers to build cemetery plots which they can sell for ten times the price of land without taxes. This practice results in the unwanted placement of cemeteries adjacent to homes in the already densely populated neighborhoods of Tokyo. Amplifying this issue are the ever-changing demographics of Tokyo. As the age and population increase, Tokyo is being forced to face the issue of burial space.

In the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, arch out loud challenges designers to develop proposals for a vertical cemetery that explores the relationship between life and death within the city. The need to examine this condition affords designers the opportunity to not just efficiently respond to the issue of space but also look into the cultural identity that this solemn program can project within its environment.


The competition is opened to teams formed by one (1) individual or up to four (4) members. Team members can come from different coutrnies or universities. Additionally, interdisciplinar teams are allowed, although is reccomended that at least one member have an architectural background.


22 June 2016 | Competition opens and Advanced Registration begins - 50,00 $

17 July 2016 | Advanced Registration closes

18 July 2016 | Early Registration begins - 70,00 $

15 August 2016 | Early Registration closes

16 August 2016 | Regular Registration begins - 90,00 $

23 September 2016 | Registration deadline

24 September 2016 | Submission deadline

6 October 2016 | Final 50 announced

20 October 2016 | Winners announced


Prizes total to 8,000 $

- OVERALL WINNER - 5,000 $ + AO feature and certificate
- 3 Runners up - 1,000 $ each + AO feature and certificate
- 10 Honorable Mentions - AO feature and certificate
- Directors Choice - AO feature and certificate


- Tom Wiscombe - Founder, Tom Wiscombe Architecture | SCI-Arc
- Liam Young - Founder, Tomorrow's Thoughts Today | Princeton University, SCI-Arc, AA
- Alison Killing - Founder, Killing Architects | Curator, Death In Venice
- Karla Britton - Head of Architecture Theory | Yale University
- Curtis Roth - Ohio State University Knowlton School, Akademie Schloss Solitude
- Ania Molenda - Architect/Researcher | Curator, Death In Venice
- Rafael Luna - Founder, PRAUD Dongwoo Yim - Founder, PRAUD


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