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Scadenza: 30 gennaio 2004

The Learning and Skills Council in conjunction with the RIBA, invite submissions for an open ideas competition, aimed at promoting design ideas for effective and inspirational learning environments for post 16 students, that embrace e- learning and high tech communications.

The competition is open to both registered architects and to students of architecture. Team submissions are encouraged and may include individuals from associated disciplines and involvement of those delivering education in the sector is also welcomed.

Competitors will be given 4 scenarios of which they must select 2.

  • Scenario 1: An FE College on a city site with an existing set of buildings but with a new site and no commitment to retain any existing buildings.
  • Scenario 2: A semi rural location. A regional FE College with an emphasis on a wide range of vocational courses.
  • Scenario 3: An existing FE College in a suburban area. The College has an increasing emphasis on degree courses.
  • Scenario 4: An existing Sixth Form College close to a Beacon school. It has an excellent track record in A level achievement.

Prizes: 1st Prize £5,000; Second Prize £3,000; Third Prize £2,000 The prizes will be announced at the RIBA LSC Forum conference on Wednesday 17th March 2004. The winning schemes will also be on display at this event.

Jury Panel: The Assessment Panel for this competition will include representatives from the Learning and Skills Council, RIBA, RIBA LSC Forum, CABE and others. Individuals will be named in the official briefing document.

Deadline: Submissions due on Friday 30th January 2004 by 4.00pm

Registration: To register and receive a copy of the competition brief, please send a cheque for £25.00 (inclusive of VAT) for registered architects or £7.50 (inclusive of VAT) for students payable to RIBA Competitions, 6 Melbourne Street, Leeds, LS2 7PS. VAT receipt are available upon request.

Please note that cheques coming from foreign countries must be drawn on an English-named bank.

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