Laser Valley - Land of Lights: uno sguardo visionario sulla Romania del 2035

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consegna dall'1 al 5 settembre 2016

University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest, Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research della Romania e Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest indicono il concorso di idee Laser Valley - Land of Lights che ha come obiettivo quello di raccogliere proposte visionarie per la Laser Valley di Măgurele, immaginandone l'assetto urbano nel 2035. Il progetto dovrà presentare l'area come un luogo tecnologicamente avanzato ma vivibile per i cittadini e dovrà coinvolgere l'intera zona compresa tra Bucarest e il fiume Argeş, all'interno della quale si inserisce il Comune di Măgurele. 

La competizione è aperta a studenti, neolaureati e giovani ricercatori. 

The Laser Valley — Land of Lights International Ideas Competition is an initiative led by the Romanian Ministry for National Education and Scientific Research, with the support of the ‘Ion Mincu' University of Architecture and Urban Planning and the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest.

National and international interdisciplinary teams of students, early graduates and young researchers are invited to innovate and compete in illustrating the Laser Valley — Land of Lights urban development vision. Consortia between Universities and Research Centres are strongly encouraged to participate.

Aim of the competition is to illustrate the Laser Valley — Land of Lights vision for the year 2035: A dynamic and open research ecosystem, thriving within a prime built environment, that is both interesting and efficient. A place for living, for having fun, for learning, a centre for science, for research, and an innovation, business and mobility core.

The 2035 urban development vision for the Laser Valley — Land of Lights competition will encompass the entire area between Bucharest, in the northern part, and the Argeș River, in the southern part, thereby including the Municipality of Măgurele, the Mihăilești Lake and the 1 Decembrie Port on the Argeș River.

Each solution should be creative, consistent and should set high design standards, while at the same time adapting to the local and regional context described above. Competitors have to opt for one of the two different types of proposals described above, i.e. proposals covering the entire competition area or proposals focusing upon particular sectors within the competition area. Furthermore, competitors are free to elaborate upon any proposals, as long as they meet the following design criteria:
- Urban Planning and Design
- Social Integration
- Environmental Improvement
- Governance and Partnership


The competition is open to both national and international interdisciplinary teams of students, early graduates and young researchers. There are no entry fees to enter the competition.

Between September 1st and 5th (23.59, Bucharest time, GMT+2), each team will have to upload the entries online, in the dedicated area of the official website of the competition, The registration of the teams will take place when submitting the final entries.


The Jury will select from the submitted projects a total of 9 finalists, which will receive the following awards: three main prizes, 3 sponsored prizes and 3 special mentions.

  • First Place: 6,000 euros
  • Second Place: 4,500 euros
  • Third Place: 3,500 euros 
  • Three sponsored prizes of 2,000 euros each

The awards amount to a total of 20,000 euros. Certificates of participation will be issued by the organiser.

The finalists will be officially awarded at the beginning of October within the final exhibition, which will take place in Măgurele, Romania. Finalists are kindly invited to present their proposals within this exhibition, and are encouraged to promote their ideas with the help of any visual media they see fit (e.g. renderings, models, animations, etc.).


  • Registration and Submissions: September 1st to 5th, 2016
  • Announcing Shortlisted Entries: September 13th, 2016
  • Announcing the Winners: September 20th, 2016
  • Award Ceremony and Exhibition: Beginning of October 2016


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