Tallinn Module

concorso internazionale di design

consegna 22 dicembre 2003

Tallinn Module is a public international one-stage design competition. The objective of the competition is to find a unique system of outdoor urban furnishings for the City of Tallinn that combines different objects (kiosks, telephone booths, park benches, bus stop shelters, advertising stands and so on) into a unitary whole. The system must create the inner logic necessary for the integral design of the city while at the same time allowing individual objects to retain their distinctiveness and individuality. It is possible to limit the spread of catalogue solutions by way of the competition and to contribute to working up the unique identity of the public space of Tallinn.  

The competition is a competition of ideas for solutions with the demonstration of specific possibilities for their materialisation. The competition is a public, anonymous, international, one-stage design competition.

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