The City Above The City, un concorso di idee per costruisce in legno sull'esistente

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consegna entro il 30 settembre 2016

MetsäWood, proseguendo il progetto Plan B, indice il concorso di idee The City Above The City, con il quale intende spingere architetti e studenti di architettura ad oltrepassare i confini della moderna progettazione degli edifici in legno nell'ambiente urbano.

I partecipanti dovranno selezionare un edificio esistente, situato in una delle città più popolose del mondo, come Berlino, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Londra, Parigi, Shanghai, Stoccolma e Washington, e sviluppare una soluzione di design in legno innovativa ed efficace. L'obiettivo sarà quello di accrescere la densità abitativa della costruzione attraverso l'aggiunta della sola superficie lignea. 

The City Above The City initiative challenges architects and students of architecture from around the world to push the boundaries of modern wood building design in the urban environment. Entrants are asked to select a centrally-located building in one of the world's most populated cities and develop an innovative wood design solution that adds density through additional floor area. Known buildings, especially buildings under threat of demolition are encouraged as sites for revitalization, new development and innovation.

The competition does not impose a specific site or city. Entrants are encouraged to select a site within one of the world's densest cities. Cities and sites which entrants deem are particularly suited to address issues of global urban housing needs are preferred. Recommended cities; Berlin, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Paris, Shanghai, Stockholm and Washington DC.

Entrants must choose an existing building or neighborhood that they deem provides a great opportunity to meet urban housing needs through the construction of additional floors. Known buildings, especially buildings under threat of demolition are recommended. While design solutions can span between or extend out from buildings, all solutions MUST build upwards! Participants should use the existing context of the city to reinforce the character of the proposal.

The size of the building or site chosen is only dictated by the ambitions of individual proposals.


Competition is open to architects and students of architecture from all around the world.


The entrant is required to submit the final project online.

It must be uploaded through the City above the city competition website at by 5:00 pm CET, on SEPTEMBER 30, 2016.


  • 1 GRAND PRIZE OF 10,000 €
  • 2 SECOND PRIZES OF 5,000 €
  • 5 THIRD PRIZES OF 2,000 €

Prizes before taxes. Participants outside Finland are responsible for paying possible taxes according the local law.

Communication and photos and films of winners, winning projects and honourable mentions can be released to architectural magazines, newspapers, webpages and other relevant media after the winner' announcement.


  • Submission Deadline: 30 SEPTEMBER, 2016
  • Winners Announced: OCTOBER 2016


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