Villeneuvette and the "coeur d'Hérault"

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consegna entro 17 aprile 2004

This competition is an initiative of the association "la manufacture des paysages" (non-profit organization) based in Villeneuvette.  

The competition is centered around different scales of questionings :

  • the issues raised by the rebuilding of the factory, the water works, the landscape and the entire area of Villeneuvette and eventually its relationship with neighboring towns.
  • an investigation regarding what could be learned from the design of Villeneuvette, its organization, its density its urban-rural quality, and the well-being which results from it.
  • Villeneuvette as an inspiration of urban forms and thinking patterns which can help the surrounding towns, in terms of urban design, in their attempts to face their rapid expansion ; (such as Mourèze, Cabrières, Nébian, Clermont l’Hérault whose populations vary from 400 to a maximum of 8000, and are a part of what is referred to as the “coeur d’Hérault’ (the heart of the Hérault county).

This competition is open to all students from fields related to urban issues: architecture, planning, landscaping, social and human sciences.  

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