Artisti e creativi chiamati a raccolta per l'Amsterdam Light Festival 2017

Call for Concepts

consegna entro il 31 gennaio 2017

In occasione dell'Amsterdam Light Festival 2017, una manifestazione di luci artistiche organizzata ogni anno nei Paesi Bassi per celebrare lo sviluppo di questa arte in tutte le sue forme, artisti, progettisti, architetti, ingegneri, professionisti, studenti e creativi di tutto il mondo sono invitati a presentare la propria interpretazione del tema di quest'anno, "existential", e a partecipare all'evento.

L'argomento si riferisce alla situazione in cui si trovano attualmente le popolazioni del mondo, costantemente circondate, per diversi motivi, da incertezza e ansia. In questo contesto gli elementi esistenziali della luce hanno il compito di consolare e confortare le persone in difficoltà e di celebrare la forza di questo elemento come forza vitale.

Il Festival sarà articolato in due mostre che seguiranno due percorsi differenti nel centro di Amsterdam e interpreteranno in maniera unica il tema  dell'anno.

"Water Colors", un percorso in barca, condurrà i visitatori verso le opere d'arte del passato che saranno posizionate lungo la rotta.

"Illuminade", invece, è un percorso a piedi che vedrà delle installazioni in aree urbane, inclusi parcheggi, piazze e ponti. I partecipanti potranno presentare una proposta per una sola o per entrambe le mostre.

Le idee destinate a Water Colors dovranno connettere gli elementi essenziali della luce e le persone e interpretare i bisogni e i sogni "essenziali". Le proposte per "Illuminade" dovranno rappresentare le qualità essenziali della luce ritornando ai principi fondamentali e ai miracoli naturali.

Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual light art festival in the Netherlands that presents the rapidly developing concept of light art in all its forms. After five successful editions, the festival will return to Amsterdam's city center for the 2017-2018 edition. From artists to designers, engineers to architects, and professionals to students, the festival invites creators from around the world to submit their creative interpretations of the theme EXISTENTIAL. 

Amsterdam Light Festival presents two exhibitions, following two routes in Amsterdam's city center, each with a different visitor experience and a unique focus on the theme.

  • WATER COLORS is a boat route that takes visitors past artworks that either oat on, hang above, or are positioned along bodies of water.
  • ILLUMINADE is a walking route with artworks that are staged in an urban area, including parks, squares and ponds. You can submit a concept for either Water Colors or Illuminade.

You can - of course - submit as many unique concepts as you like.

Every year the festival has a theme, inviting potential participants to respond and reflect to it in their concepts. This year's theme EXISTENTIAL was inspired by the present situation people face in the international arena as global shifts create uncertainty and anxiety throughout the world. It is therefore important to look again at what defines and unites mankind in a positive way. The existential elements of light have always provided consolation and comfort to people in distress. Mankind has long celebrated light as a life-giving force, as the kick-starter of new days, as the giver of clarity and warmth, as the marker of holiness, and as a source of beauty, and even as a transporter of information in today's world. It is so essential that its role seems obvious and we almost regard it as an automatic ingredient. We shape our world with fantastic buildings and infrastructures where light is integrated or ‘hidden', which we somehow take for granted.

In the Illuminade walking route we hope to see beautiful interpretations and installations that bring the EXISTENTIAL qualities of light back to the basics and provide a stage for natural miracles and occurrences. Light can be moving, devastating and inspirational in its most natural form. We are looking for high quality artworks that you can touch, walk through, connect with and react to.

For the Water Colors boat route we are looking for proposals that connect the essential elements of light and people's EXISTENTIAL needs and dreams, making people more aware of their existential being. Mankind seems to be in need of a more down-to-earth approach, of having both feet on the ground, of finding our place to see more clearly to whom and to what we are related. Are we open for new developments and inspirations or do we build barriers and walls? Can light literally alight us once more for a brighter future? We are looking for monumental proposals on or in the water that connect with the city, its inhabitants, and its visitors.


Artists, designers, engineers, architects, professionals and students are eligible to participate.


  • Round 1
    All submitted concepts will be reviewed by the curatorial team according to compliance with the brifing, technical feasibility, relevance and quality. A minimum of 100 artists will be selected in Round 1.
  • Round 2
    The selected artists will develop their submission in Round 2, following which the international jury will review all 100 concepts. Our jury will select the 30 artworks that will be exhibited at the festival.


Only artworks submitted through our online system at will be considered.

There is a registration charge of EU35 including Dutch VAT for all artists, for each submission.


  • Tuesday 31 January 2017 Deadline submissions Round 1 
  • Friday 17 February 2017 Notification of selection for Round 2
  • Friday 17 March 2017 Deadline submissions Round 2
  • Tuesday 4 April 2017 Announcement of approximately 30 artists selected by the jury
  • Tuesday 18 April - Friday 21 April 2017 Selected artists travel to Amsterdam for a kickoff meeting and site visit (2 days).
  • Amsterdam Light Festival runs from 30 November 2017 - 21 January 2018
  • WATER COLORS: 30 November 2017 - 21 January 2018 (53 days in total)
  • ILLUMINADE: 14 December 2017 - 7 January 2018 (25 days in total)

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