Start Small. Think Big. Build Green

design competition

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iscrizione entro 15/10/2004

The competition goal is simple: Inspire lots of people (big and little) to take steps to make their own homes a little healthier and easier on the environment.

Energy efficiency, water conservation, the use of nontoxic building materials and other sustainable practices are gradually making inroads into mainstream home building. But many people still think of green building—if they think of it at all—as a bewildering subject best left to the experts. The Green Dollhouse Project Competition will help change that perception by showing kids and adults how we can all take action to make our homes healthier and more environmentally sustainable.

Design professionals and design students are invited to submit built dollhouses of their own original invention. The dollhouses should inspire children and adults to take some steps—small or large—to make their homes a little greener.  

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