Confort zone...Faciliter la vie en ville

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iscrizioni entro 8/11/2004

Jeunes flammes 2004-2005

The competition is open to design students at the colleges selected by the competition organizers:
Kingston University, Escola Massana, Istituto Europeo di Design,Technische Universität Berlin, ESAD, Hungarian University of Craft and Design, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Academy of Fine Arts

The objective of the competition theme is for students to consider how to improve everyday comfort in our urban environments and the way services related to comfort are provided.  

The winner of the 1st prize of the Gaz de France competition will receive 4,600 Euros. The winner of the 2nd prize 3,100 Euros and the 3rd prize 1,600 Euros. All nominated projects will receive 300 Euros.

Terms and conditions English version

Date by which project must be sunmitted: 17/12/2004