Santa Fe Civic Center

Competitive Selection Process

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Iscrizione entro 23/02/2005

The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico is sponsoring a competitive selection process to select a design team for its new civic center. 

This competitive process will be conducted in two phases

The City is requesting Statements of Qualifications from design teams who are interested in participating in this competitive selection process. The City intends to select three to five teams for this selection process based on their qualifications to implement their designs.

The tentative competitive process schedule indicates that Statements of Qualifications are due on February 23, 2005 following a pre-proposal briefing and site tour on February 11, 2005. Finalists will be selected and the Competitive Process will begin on February 28, 2005 with an on-site briefing for the Finalist teams on March 7, 2005. 

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