Time in a City

International Competition of Ideas

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scadenza 20/11/2005

Organizers: Centre for Architecture and construction "Dom na Brestskoy"

Place of holding: "Dom na Brestskoy", (Russia, Moscow, 6, 2nd Brestskaya street)

Time period: August, 1, 2005 - November, 20, 2005

People living in huge cities don't always have a sensation that the city is theirs, it is always artificial for them. Functions are divided spontaneously and more often - unreasonably. History of cities shows that first of all newly appeared towns deal with protection of their life and activity, and only after that - with protection of their development and enlargement. Due to the combination of causes theoretically a city is always absurd - and in real life it is in many ways deprived of human conditions of intellectual development. There are no absolutely harmonically developing cities. There are no cities destroying some elements of evolution and history. A person looses his spiritual guiding line; a city looses its area health.

Time. Similarities and distinctions, accommodation of new in old - these are the keys that lead to understanding of the subject of the competition, which is open for architects, designers, sculptors and students.

Topic of the competition is "Time in a City".
It can be (can be expressed by) a square, river, fountain, park, construction, landscape element, sculpture, etc.

Terms of the competition:

  • Languages in use: Russian, English.
  • Information about the author should be placed on the back of the work.
  • Beginning of the competition - the 1st of August, 2005
  • Deadline of work submission - the 20th of November, 2005.
  • Address: "International Competition of Ideas", Dom na Brestskoy, 2nd Brestskaya str., 6, Moscow 125047, Russia
  • Jury - the 10th of December, 2005
  • Results announcement - the 15th of December, 2005


Prize fund: 1st prize - 3 000 $ 2nd prize - 1 500 $ 3rd prize - 1 000 $ x 2 Incentive prize - 500 $ x 3

Jury member - architect Boris Ul'kin, International competitions winner