JCD International Design Competition For Youth 18-35 2006

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iscrizione entro 24/01/2006

The Japanese Society of Commercial Designers widely opens the door to prospective designers and architects in Japan and the world for this design competition.

Theme: Mobile Store of 20 square meters
A store moved freely!
Movable, Transportable,
Floating, Freestanding store  


  • a 35 or less-year-old student, a teacher, a research student (a faculty, a graduate school, a research organization, a vocational school and an arbitrary educational group)  
  • 35 or less-year-old professional (a designer who belongs to a company or a design office, a marketer, an engineer, etc.)
  • In addition to an application of an individual, an entry in groups, such a company and a laboratory, is also possible.

Entry Deadline:

  • Entry form for registration will be accepted between Sun., January 1 and Tue., January 24 2006.
  • Completed submission materials will be accepted between Fri., February 10 and Tue., February 21 (Must arriving by 6:00 p.m. JST), 2006.  


For further information: