Régészeti park, múzeum

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scadenza 10/04/2006

Competition promoter: Municipality of Miskolc County-rank City, Mayor's Office

Architectural ideas competition for european union member states competition specifications for the construction of archaeological park, museum, research and tourism centre.

the competition objective is the design of an interactive museum and archaeological park for the display of 70,000 year-old Palaeolithic and later period archaeological findings. The adjoining attractive buildings accommodate a research and tourism centre. The subject of the competition is an architectural concept for a building displaying the excavations' findings, and the environs of these establishments. The purpose of this competition is to provide for the Municipality of Miskolc an architectural concept for the culture- and tourism-related development, considering the natural and architectural values and "sensibility" of the site (archaeological and nature reserve area), and offering a special, characteristic, attractive architectural solution that can become a "landmark" building of Miskolc.  


BRIEF (.pdf)