Lisbon Ideas Challenge

international design competition

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scadenza 15/07/2006

Lisbon Ideas Challenge is an international design competition aimed at fostering innovative ideas relevant to the development of urban structures integrating PV systems and technologies. It encompasses an initial phase of direct contacts among experts from all areas involved in the competition and relevant institutions, followed by the presentation of the ideas to a pre-defined international committee

This challenge is aimed to promote innovative ideas of technological and business potential, to be developed by architects, engineers and designers with interests in new energy concepts for the built environment, either university teams and/or entrepreneurs. It is also aimed to foster new contacts between business leaders and the previously identified actors in a way that will allow to explore both new urban concepts and science-based developments, as well as to foster entrepreneurial attitudes.”

Lisbon Ideas Challenge is a design competition mainly aimed at students and professionals recently graduated (e.g. for less than 5 years) in the fields of design (industrial, architects and other related fields) and engineering. Nevertheless, exceptional ideas submitted by professionals falling out of these specifications will also be considered. In both cases, entries are welcome to constitute R&D results close or ready to be demonstrated. Entries are equally welcome from any geographical location and can be done individually or by a team.


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