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This is your chance to accept the challenge of the ultimate brief and design buildings in some of the world's most dramatic and exciting locations.  

The competition is based on sketching - not fully developed designs. We are looking for the initial ideas that capture the essence of creativity and mark the point when those ideas take shape. 

Open to architects, architectural technicians, students, designers and engineers, each brief offers you the opportunity to stretch your creative mind to the full. The buildings, of course, are not going to be built - the aim is to see what you think is possible.


Facilitates as a hostel for climbers preparing ascent, a mountain clinic/emergency hospital, education centre for managing/protecting the environment, and a waste management centre (disposables resulting from expeditions)

Timetable: Your entry must arrive by 29/06/2006


An HQ for world water management (drought regions).
An International office for policy and for water development projects - from drinking water to agricultural development. It would be as much a statement as it would be political hub. Projects will be managed from the embassy.

Timetable: Your entry must arrive by 03/08/2006  


A visual landmark in the same vein as Sydney Opera house but versatile in nature - to be used as a Gallery, an Opera House, a Theatre and small exhibition centre. It will offer restaurant facilities and some unique form of promoting conservation in the area.   

This brief will go live on the 4th August 
Timetable: Your entry must arrive by 07/09/2006


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