The Habitational Unit

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ARQUITECTUM, an enterprise dedicated to the organization of architectural contests, is pleased to welcome all architects from around the world to its 2nd Conceptual Contest "INFINITE STRIP 2006", to take place from July until December of 2006 in our website:

The INFINITE STRIP is a method for teaching design that, in comparison with many teaching systems used in contemporary design workshops, takes into account indispensable aspects of Modern Architecture that have been partially or totally forgotten. The method of the "Infinite Strip" tries to rescue basic principles of modern architecture in its "heroic" phase (Mies, Le Cobusier, Terragni) and tries to add a new and contemporary significance.

THE PROJECT: "The Habitational Unit"
Each contestant will develop a project within the parameters established by the "Infinite Strip" within a Base Structure of 15 levels (90 meters in height) that will be specified by ARQUITECTUM.

This element is a vertical variation of the "Habitational Unit" by Le Corbusier (specifically Marseilles) in which the modules that form part of the basic structure are developed independently as inserted "cells"

Each maintains its own "location" at the same time that the complex conforms a "whole" that works as a defined block in and of itself. The project calls for the planning of 14 units of duplex apartments based on the "infinite strip" design method. These units must have a built area of no less than 300 mts2 (300 meters squared) which will be located on each corresponding level.   


  • CONTEST BEGINS: August 1, 2006
  • WINNERS ANNOUNCED: November 2006
  • ONLINE EXHIBIT: December 2006


REGISTRATION AND RULES PURCHASING: The Contest's web page (, from where participants can download for free all the files necessary to participate in the contest (history, photos, theoretical framework, animations, plans) as well as register in the contest, will be operative beginning August 1, 2006.

INFORMATION: For more detailed information, please send a message to the INFINITE STRIP 2006 Contest's official email address:



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