H2Ouse - living on the water

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19a edizione del "Corus Architectural Student Awards" rivolto agli studenti di architettura in Europa.

iscrizione entro 23/02/2007

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iscrizione entro 23/02/2007


Nineteenth Corus Architectural Student Awards is supported by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), the British Constructional Steelwork Association Limited (BCSA) and The Architect's JournalRIBA Education supports the competition

The main purpose of this competition is to give architectural students a creative vehicle for learning about the use of steel in buildings. By taking part you will have the chance to explore the complex issues surrounding the theme of how to live with rising water levels and the ever-present threat of flood.

The competition is, as usual, open to students of architecture in Europe. For both UK and overseas students the competition brief is to address the theme of  H2Ouse - living on the water.

Steel has been one of the most important materials used in construction for the last 100 years or so. It has created a new architecture through its qualities of flexibility and strength. In your submission you are invited to explore the use of steel on a domestic scale – a difficult balancing act between scale, weight and utility. Designing in steel on a smaller scheme demands a light touch.


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