New Parliamentary Complex

international competition of architecture

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scadenza 22/12/2006


The Parliament of the Republic of Albania, announces the International competition of architecture for the creation of the Design of the New Parliamentary Complex


The aim of the International competition for the Design of the New Parliamentary Complex is to select architectural, urban planning, and spatial ideas and solutions for the New Parliamentary Complex.

The competition aims to create the most functional design possible and deliver an optimal spatial and architectural solution, at a level commensurate with its function, for a dignified presentation of the new work in relation with its homologous institutions and to increase the caliber of the architecture and urban planning of the Capital, and especially its central axis.


The International competition is open to architects and designers from all over the world, registered in the mandates, associations and professional registers of their respective states so that their ability to practice their profession of designer can be verified.  


BRIEF (formato PDF)