Hettich Award 2007

International Design Award competition

iscrizione entro 30/11/2006

International Design Award 2007 Develop scenarios for the future - channel creativity for a practical outcome.

Competition category 1: Furniture
We're looking for furniture designs oriented to the way people might live in the future. Your design should address questions such as:

  • Will space and resources become scarcer?
  • Will globalization force people to adopt a more flexible lifestyle?
  • How should furniture design respond to increasing mobility in life and work?
  • What about the use of new materials in furniture?

We're looking for creative, practical ideas that could shape tomorrow's living and working environment

Competition category 2: Fittings
We're looking for ideas and designs that address the technical function and/or appearance of any of the following:

  • Hinges
  • Drawers
  • Roller shutter systems
  • Edgebands
  • Knobs, pulls and handles

Although mechanical function is of primary importance for all these components, aesthetic considerations also play a role. They can influence the surface finish, the shape, the look & feel, additional functions and ultimately the user's emotional response.


Who can enter? Supervisors (university and college professors and lecturers) in any tertiary educational institution with a faculty of furniture design and/or construction in any country are invited to enter their students' designs.

The number of entries is limited to 5 per design supervisor and category. Participants can enter designs in either or both categories (each entry must be registered and submitted separately).  


competition website www.hettich-ida.com

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