IDEA™ 2007 International Design Excellence Awards

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scadenza 7/02/2007


The IDEA™ 2007 Competition is presented by IDSA - The Industrial Designers Society of America. It is co-sponsored by BusinessWeek Magazine.

The IDEA™ 2007 judging is based on the following criteria. These criteria are weighted equally by the judges as they deem appropriate for the category:

• Innovation: how is the design new and unique?

• Aesthetics: how does the appearance enhance the product?

• User: how does the design solution benefit the user?

• Environment: how is the project ecologically responsible?  

• Business: How did the design improve the client's business?

• Design Research: What validation is given that the design solved the problem?

• (Research only): Rigor/relevance/reliability

• (Design Strategy only): Internal Factors & Methods, Implementation  

Participant Qualifications • Open to designs and designers worldwide. • Open to students from NASAD and non-NASAD accredited schools and students from international industrial design programs. Student entries can only be submitted in the Student category, even if the design is in research, production or corporately funded.