5th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2007

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consegna entro 24/01/2007


The IAHH International Association for Humane Habitat is pleased to announce the theme of the 5th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2007.

The design will aim at planning and designing a regional social, cultural and arts complex for a sustainable community.


The design and planning proposal shall aim at humane, sustainable and innovative architecture. The design brief shall be evolved in regional, urban / rural context. The complex shall have community centre, social centre, women centre, youth centre, art and craft centre, exhibition centre, library and resource centre and share some public places and social interaction spaces with the community. It shall Include a regional arts and crafts centre, which provides for research and training in the arts, crafts and culture of the region. It may provide some outdoor and indoor sports facilities or it may be located in close proximity to such recreational facilities.


Eligibility The Competition is open to all registered students of any nationally recognized school, college or institutions of architecture, urban design.


Website: http://humanehabitat.org/competitions/5th-isdc-2007/