GAU:DI Sustainable Architecture Competition 2007

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scadenza 30/09/2007

The theme for the 2007 competition will be "A Minimum House for Leisure in the 21st century".

The competition will be open to all European students but its organisation relies specifically on a network of architecture schools with a leadership in teaching sustainable urbanism and architecture. 

The competition is open to students enrolled in a European Union school or university of architecture in 2006/2007. If registering as a team, one of the members must be nominated as a team leader.

Registrations, to be submitted by the individual or by the team leader representing a team, can only be submitted on line at before the 30th September 2007.

If you participate in the competition as a component of your studies, you must specify the name of your school/university, the name of your professor, and the details of the relevant course and class. In the case of a team registration the assigned team leader is to complete this section.