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First competition of international posters design for social communication

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scadenza 10/05/2007

The creatives that wish to challenge their talent designing posters and benefit a good cause are invited to participate to the first edition of Good 50x70, an international social communication contest that will start on March, the 10th 2007.

Good 50x70, based on an idea of Pasquale Volpe in collaboration with Tommaso Minnetti, is an ambitious project that wants to increase public opinion awareness of causes and people who fight day after day to improve the standard of living across the world.

Endorsed by eminent international design associations like ICOGRADA, BEDA and AIAP, the project is organized by a team of young communication industry professionals with the participation of worldwide renowned non governmental associations like Amnesty, AMREF, Emergency, Greenpeace and LILA

The aim of our contest is to shake up the current state of affairs by creating a new synergy between the non profit organizations and a spontaneous and radical creativity. The competition will cover five of the burning social issues which the UN recognizes as the plagues of our millennium: AIDS, Environmental damage, Human rights violation, Underdevelopment and War.

50x70 centimeters is the size of the media posters that we ask the creatives to submit to raise awareness of those problems and promote change. 

Good 50x70 is proud to be represented jury comprising of eminent graphic designers: Timo Berry (Finland) Yossi Lemel (Israel) Alain Le Quernec (France) Luba Lukova (USA) Chaz Maviyane-Davies (Zimbabwe) Armando Milani (Italy) Woody Pirtle (USA) Fukuda Shigeo (Japan) Massimo Vignelli (Italy) Lourdes Zolezzi (Mexico) 

From each of the five categories the jury will shortlist 30 finalists. From these 30, 10 winners will be selected for each category. There will be one outright winner, the "Good 50x70" poster, chosen across all the categories.

At the end of the contest an exhibition will present a selection of the best submitted posters, the catalogue of entries and the project history.

The contest is open to everyone who’s willing to confront and break the stereotypes of social communication and deliver a truthful and meaningful message via the medium of a poster.

The deadline is on May, the 10th 2007 and artwork must be submitted digitally through our website. 


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