Lake Elsinore Civic Center

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candidature entro 30/05/2007

Lake Elsinore Civic Center Design Competition: an Opportunity to Design a New Civic Center in the City of Lake Elsinore.

The Lake Elsinore Civic Center Design Competition is a project competition structured with a two-stage process for the design and planning of a multi-purpose civic center campus setting.

Stage I is composed of a Stage I.a pre-screening and a Stage 1.b conceptual design which will be judged anonymously.

  • In Stage I.a, all eligible professionals are invited to submit a statement of experience and qualifications by May 30, 2007.
  • Stage I.b will include submissions from teams determined eligible, and capable, to proceed after a review of Stage I.a’s statements of experience and qualifications. Stage I.b’s conceptual design submissions will include design statements and materials for both of the sites selected by the City Council for the design competition. Selected professionals will submit their conceptual designs by July 5, 2007 for public exhibit and Competition Jury review.

Public comments will be invited as part of the exhibition of competition entries in each of the two stages of this competition. Public comments from the Stage I.b public exhibit will be made available to teams selected to proceed to Stage II as a means to help the teams respond to the public’s comments. The Competition Jury will also receive the public comments and take them into consideration when judging entrants’ design schemes. After evaluation of the designs, the Competition Jury will select a short-list of not more than three (3) submissions to proceed to Stage II.


Registration for the Lake Elsinore Civic Center Design Competition is free; however, registered teams are expected to competitively participate in the design competition. Competition entrants must register for the Design Competition via the online registration form located at