Central Waterfront of Hong Kong

International Urban Planning and Design Competition

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iscrizione entro 30/06/2007

Designing Hong Kong has launched an international urban planning and design competition for the central waterfront. This competition seeks creativity to assist the government and the city, define the character and identity of the front door to Asia’s World City: the Central Waterfront.

The site area for the competition runs from the Four Season’s Hotel to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The competition is intended to support the Central Reclamation Urban Design Study which is currently undertaken by the Planning Department of the Hong Kong Government for the same area. The ideas generated will be made available to the Government, the Town Planning Board, the Legislative Council, the Harbour-front Enhancement Committee and the community at large.  

Competition submissions are expected to be innovative, yet practical and feasible. Therefore entries may challenge the existing broad land use and transport plans, as well as the rezoning amendments put forward by Designing Hong Kong this week. However, aspects which divert from the Central and Central Extension Outline Zoning Plans must be duly justified as failure to do so may deem a submission impractical. 

eligibility Individual and Group entries are accepted from registered architects, urban planners, urban designers, landscape architects and engineers. All entrants will be required to provide evidence of relevant professional registration, accreditation or membership on the application form. Students applicants must provide their student numbers and have the endorsement of a professor.

Deadline for registration June 30 , 2007
Deadline for submissions September 1 , 2007