Berkeley prize 2008: Competing to Serve

Architectural Design Excellence

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The Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Design Excellence endowment was established in the Department of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley to promote architecture as a social art through research, writing, and criticism: traditionally under-represented aspects of the architecture curriculum.

Each year, the Prize Committee selects a topic important to the understanding of the interaction of people and the built world that becomes the focus of the Essay Competition. This year the topic is: Competing to Serve.

Students enrolled in any undergraduate architecture program throughout the world are invited to submit a 500-word essay proposal responding to the Question. Undergraduate architecture students may team up with undergraduates from Allied Arts and Social Sciences programs.

The competition is open to all currently registered undergraduates majoring in architectural design in accredited schools of architecture worldwide. Essays must be submitted in English. Winners will be required to provide proof of current registration in the form of current transcripts.