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international idea competition

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iscrizione entro 07/12/2007

Korea Land Cooperation launches an International Idea Competition for Cheongna CITY TOWER Design in Incheon, Korea.

Cheongna is the city of international business, leisure & tourism and sports and it will be transformed into a world-class international business gateway of Northeast Asian region.

Construction of CITY TOWER at the main Lake Park of Central District is

  • to transform IFEZ Cheongna into convenient and comfortable environment of international standards to uplift the stature as international city,
  • to promote foreign investments to become economic center of North-East Asian region, 
  • to construct cutting-edge and super tall observatory tower introducing tourism leisure and high-tech amusement functions and 
  • to symbolize the free economic zone as regional and national landmark. 

It is an open international competition for all licensed architects. An individual who doesn't hold architect license should participate jointly with the licensed architect. 

Competition document including design guideline can be downloaded from on December 7, 2007.

Registration 10:00 October 22, 2007 ~ 17:00 December 7, 2007

Submission of entries
- Hand delivery or Postmark by 10:00 ~ 17:00 March 10, 2008
- Deadline of post delivery March 20, 2008