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scadenza 26/03/2008

Un concorso di idee per pianificare spazi all'aperto che permettano la riconnessione della città austriaca di Bad Radkersburg alla città slovena di Gornja Radgona.

Nel periodo antecedente alla prima guerra mondiale, le due città erano un solo nucleo urbano, ora, con l'entrata della Slovenia nell'area Schengen (21.12.2007), è possibile ripensare una nuova riconnessione delle due città separate dal fiume Mur.

Il concorso su incarico dei due comuni è organizzato da
freiland Umweltconsulting Wien - Graz
A-1090 Wien, Liechtensteinstraße 63/19


Spatial concepts for the connection of the border towns Bad Radkersburg (A) and Gornja Radgona (SLO)

Occasion / aim Bad Radkersburg and Gornja Radgona are two autonomous towns nowadays. Until World War I they have been one common urban organism. However, since then they had to go separate ways due to the political circumstances (Austria - Yugoslavia / Slovenia). In a united Europe there is now the chance to intensively foster the common interests of the towns and their further development. As a - at least from the point of view of planning - reunited town, Bad Radkersburg / Gornja Radgona might be presented as an outstanding example for a new, creative and multi-cultural Europe which overcomes borders.
With the implementation of the bilateral competition, Bad Radkersburg and Gornja Radgona hope to get new inspiration for city and open space development. Both towns aim at strengthening the new quality of the cooperation and thus also the common location which they would not be able to improve as effectively on their own.
Bad Radkersburg focuses on the planning of open space, whereas Gornja Radgona focuses more on city planning. The task is divided into two parts according to the design accuracy for which separated prices will be awarded. As a basis, the competition contents are linked very closely both on the Austrian and the Slovenian side and they also have to be dealt with in common.

Subject of the competition The subject of the competition is the realisation of concepts for city and open space planning in order to connect the border towns of Bad Radkersburg, Austria, and Gornja Radgona, Slovenia on a scale of 1:5000 and 1:000. The realisation part (phase 1) comprises the design of selected open spaces in Bad Radkersburg.

Nature of the procedure Throughout the whole EU public, one-level city and open space planning competition, combined idea and realisation competition in the upper value range with subsequent negotiating process according to BVergG [Austrian Federal Procurement Act] 2006 for the realisation part (phase 1) in Bad Radkersburg. It is binding to create joint ventures with architects / town planners and landscape planners / landscape architects.

Language of the competition The language of the competition is English. Laws and general planning regulations are available in the internet in the respective national language (German, Slovenian). 

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Registration and documents for the competition from 10 January 2008 via the project homepage: http://competition.freiland.at

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