Toftegårds Plads Syd

Open international ideas competition

consegna entro 14/05/2008

Toftegårds Plads Syd (Toftegård Square South) has remained largely unused for several years. In its current form it far from reflects the fact that it is one of the most important and most distinctive gateways to Copenhagen.

The City of Copenhagen has therefore decided to launch a competition to obtain ideas for the creation of a lively, human and vibrant urban space of high architectural quality.

Entrants in the competition may also include proposals for new buildings, various types of coverings and other structures in the square. The new square must be part of the ongoing development that will turn the southern part of the Valby district into one of the most interesting areas in Copenhagen.

The competition is open to everyone, and the City of Copenhagen looks forward to receiving many creative and effervescent proposals for the future use and design of the square.

The total prize sum is DKK 750,000, of which there will be one or more first prizes of at least DKK 150,000.


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