Green Room

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iscrizione entro 18 marzo 2008

EASA Ireland008

Green Room the competition is to design an environmental pavilion, code- named… Green Room.

Learning Tool The pavilion will function as a learning tool, embodying a lesson for children to better understand sustainable architecture practices. It should be capable of accommodating at least 5 children and an adult.

Transportable The pavilion must be light and transportable by means of freight truck as a whole entity or as an assembly of parts. The dimensions for the largest available trailer are L10m x W2.4m x H2.8m.

How it’s done. The competition has been conceived as a tripartite process relating to fundamental construction orders. Proposals will be legibly broken into primary, secondary and tertiary stages. The primary and secondary stages are to be built during the Summer Assembly. The tertiary stage will be carried out after the Summer Assembly and will be completed in time for the PLEA conference.

  • The primary stage is mostly concerned with assembly and structure. ?
  • The secondary stage, determined by the intentions of concept, will be about realizing the theory behind a sustainable envelope or skin. Construction and material detail should be included. ?
  • The tertiary stage will involve the installation of sustainable devices and technologies.

How it’s judged. The incoming proposals, which meet competition requirements, will be evalated. + Feasibility, + Sustainability –Passive and Low energy strategies. ? + Aesthetic/Architectural Merit.

- Tuesday January 15th - Competition Announced
- Tuesday 18th March - Registration and questions Deadline
- Tuesday 1st April - Submission Deadline
- Tuesday 15th April - Competition Results

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