DETAIL Prize 2009 Aesthetics and Construction

International Architectural Competition

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scadenza 14 luglio 2008

The international DETAIL Prize 2009 competition is open for entries between 1 April and 14 July 2008. Special Prizes for the categories of Wood, ArchitekturXport, Acoustics and Students.

DETAIL, in collaboration with the Bavarian Chamber of Architects and the Association of German Architects - Bavaria (BDA Bayern e.V.), will once again award the Detail Prize in 2009. Prizes are awarded to buildings that feature especially well-designed, groundbreaking and technically-innovative details within an outstanding overall design. By choosing new categories, a greater emphasis will be placed on cross-ectoral connections and interdisciplinary networking. For the first time the DETAIL Prize will be expanded to include an idustrial prize and an honorary prize.

In addition to the main DETAIL Prize which is independent of the material used, there are spezial prizes in the categories Wood, ArchitekturXport and Acoustics. Also, to acknowledge the importance of education in architecture as a whole, we are awarding a spezial Student Prize.

- Public notification of award 1 April 2008
- Submission deadline 14 July 2008
- Jury meeting 14 October 2008
- Awards ceremony and exhibition 14 January 2009

Awards and prize money
- DETAIL Prize 2009 10.000 €
- DETAIL Honorary Prize 5.000 €
- DETAIL Industry Prize 2.000 €
- Special Prize - Wood 2.000 €
- Special Prize - ArchitekturXport 2.000 €
- Special Prize - Acoustics 2.000 €
- Special Prize - Students 2.000 €

Expansion of the special prizes by the category "Glass"!


All the information on the prizes, jury, entry conditions and competitions requirements can be found on the Internet at as a PDF download in German and English.