Space prize 2008 - Where, how do you live?

the 26th Space Prize for International Students of Architetural Design

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scadenza 20 giugno 2008

Theme Where, how do you live?
Program New dwellings in a changing society

Types of families have been rapidly changing in recent years, and are still changing. People, who have experienced a transition from extended families to nuclear families, are now witnessing the emergence of completely different, new types of families; and the concept of “family”no longer maintains a solid adhesiveness as in the past, due to the growing prevalence of divorce, studying overseas, homosexual marriages, and frequent travel. The increase in the numbers of unmarried single households and the elderly population leads to an increasing trend of "living alone," which raises doubts about the general functionality of dwellings. Furthermore, the extensive expansion in travel is blurring the concept of settlement as it existed in the agrarian society, and airports and hotels around the world change into the dwelling places of numerous travelers every night. As indicated by the emergence of Ipods, which personalize space, and mobile phones, which transform the concept of distance, the advancement of electronic devices is changing personal relationships and rearranging the concepts of space and privacy. With people spending more time out of their houses, the dwelling in the sense of a place where families get together over a hot meal is no longer realistic.

We hope that students will read the signs of these changing patterns of the 21st Century society in their respective surroundings, cities, and countries, and propose new styles of dwellings reflecting the emergence of these new lifestyles. The dwelling may be for a single person or new types of families, and may even be collective dwellings. As modern architects in the early 20th Century reflected changing new lifestyles with proposals that transcended their era, rather than merely reflecting their times, we hope that applicants will create new alternatives for dwellings based on currently imaginable technological advancements and predictions of future social changes.

written by Choi Moon-gyu, Jury

Eligibility Undergraduate and graduate students up to master's degrees in Korea and other countries (students on leave of absence included). A team should be composed of three or less students.

Seminar: April and June 2008
(Subject to changes. Details will be notified later.)
Application deadline: June 20, 2008
Submission deadline: Sept. 11, 2008, 5:00 p.m.
(Submission will be accepted with a postmark of Sept. 11, 2008.)
Preliminary judging announcement and notification of Final judging
(qualified teams): Sept. 18, 2008 (notified later)
Final judging and award ceremony: early October 2008 (to be notified later)
Exhibition: for one week after the final judging in early October 2008
* The timeline is subject to changes.


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