Copper in the home - oggetti in rame per la casa

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scadenza 30 settembre 2008

2nd "Living with Copper" design competition

Closing date for entries: September 30th 2008

The competition in brief

  • From May 1st to September 30th 2008
  • Design competition organised by the European Copper Institute and the Italian Copper Centre
  • Theme: "copper in the home"
  • Entry requirements:
    • Provide a decorative design concept using copper or its alloys (bronze, brass, etc.)
    • All items are possible: furniture, household utensils, wall decorations, household equipment (radiators, lamps, etc.), in fact, any item intended for indoor use
  • Delivery format: digital file
  • Eligible entrants and prizes: 2 categories
    • Students in graphic arts, interior decoration, product design or interior architecture: €1,500
    • Professionals, designers and interior architects under 40 years old: €4,000 for 1st prize, €2,500 for 2nd prize
  • Send entry requests to
  • Prizes will be awarded in late December

The winners will receive prizes of 1,500 to €4,000. The competition’s goal is to explore copper’s decorative and creative potential