Nokia Nseries Design Award 2008

concorso internazionale di design

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consegna entro 15 settembre 2008

Nokia, in partnership with Gruppo Sintesi (including several relevant design brands, such as Sintesi, BBB, Montina, DMK, BUM), promotes a contest of ideas to project furniture and furniture complements, inspired by the concept of CONNECTING MOBILITY.

Contemporary lifestyle is deeply affected by mobility. People travel a lot, because of their work, for personal interests, or simply to enjoy themselves. Strict boundaries between workspace, home, social spaces, and entertainment venues no longer exist. Mobile technology, can connect not only people, but even spaces, which should consequently be redesigned according to new, dynamic and multifunctional objectives, meeting people’s changed needs.

The theme of CONNECTING MOBILITY includes two possible interpretations:

  • removal of any obstacle to a free and dynamic enjoyment of multimedia contents in a given space, following variable directions and unusual non-linear paths, which are hard to predefine;
  • transportability of furniture and furniture complements outdoor and indoor, from one room to another one.

Participation is opened to all European and Extra-European citizens meeting the following requirements:

  • students at architecture or engineering faculties, or at design institutes located in European or Extra-European territories;
  • young designers graduated or provided with a diploma not older than 30 years old on 15th September 2008.

WINNERS Five projects, and consequently five winners will be selected. The selected projects will be evaluated for eventual production and distribution organized by Gruppo Sintesi. The companies promoting the Contest will communicate the winning projects through specialised press.


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